Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Green Youth Movement: Who We Are.

The Green Youth Movement is a non profit organization that is striving to implement environmental awareness in today's youth. The mission of GYM is to educate kids and teens about eco-friendly behavior, how to be more environmentally conscientious, and to spread the word on how small steps can make a big difference for the future. Sure, we have a pretty awesome mission statement, but do you want to know what is really incredible about GYM? The Green Youth Movement was founded by a teen, and all of the incredible things we are doing? You guessed it...it's all powered by youth. We believe that our youth is our future, and all of our GYM students are taking huge strides to make an impact on the world, educate those around them on how to be more green, and inspire as many as possible to take a stand in preserving our amazing planet. 

As we begin blogging about all of our adventures, we hope that you will come along for the ride. Keep checking in for new blogs on some new faces that you will be getting acquainted with at GYM, as well as blogs on our upcoming events, ways to live green, and other things that we promise will be entertaining! ;) 

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