Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ally Update!

"My transition to Emory has been a pretty smooth one.  My favorite part of college so far is definitely my dorm room.  It is pretty big and very clean, and the best part is that it is LEED certified."
 - Ally Maize

Our amazing founder, Ally Maize started a new adventure as she packed her bags and left for college. Miss Ally is starting her freshman year at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. In true Ally fashion, she is starting the year off in a bright shade of green! Emory University has the most LEED-certified building space among campuses in America, and has 2 dorms designated to being environmentally aware and conscientious. In order to live in these particular dorms, it is required that students complete and submit a sustainability application, of course our Ally Maize is one of the students who chose to make this pledge and is loving her "green" lifestyle so far! If you are wondering what exactly makes these dorms different from the others, here are a few of the ways that these particular buildings go above and beyond in keeping it green:

 - 84% of the construction waste was recycled.
 - Each floor uses bamboo flooring instead of hardwood.
 - All paints and sealants used were low VOC
 - Energy monitors are used to display energy consumption within the building.
 - In an effort to conserve water, roof storm water and surface water will be filtered into a bio-retention area
    near the halls and will be reused in resident hall toilets
 - Solar panels are used to power the water pumps which supply water to toilets.
 -  Plumbing in these dorms are designed to use less water than the average bathrooms.
 - An air conditioning system that features an energy recovery system, which basically increases air quality and  
    reduces energy use.

Pretty cool, right? Having dorms such as these, Emory is taking a huge step, not only in doing their part to help the environment, but in furthering "green" habits in their students. We are so excited for Ally as she starts this new chapter of her life, and wish her nothing but the best! We know that she will continue to make a difference during her time at Emory, just as she did during her time at Archer. Check out the photos below of Ally's orientation week and her entry into her sustainable dorm!

Ally getting ready to sign her green pledge!

Do you know which is not recyclable? 

What to recycle? 

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