Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pick Of The Week: Vapur Water Bottles

Starting this week, GYM is going to bring you a "pick of the week":  products, designers, events, organizations, etc. that stand out as being awesome supporters of living life green. So, if you are like us, and you love learning about ways to change YOUR life to do your part in keeping our environment safe, make sure you check out our weekly picks to find out about all of the amazing people out there who are going green, and how you can get involved too!

Obviously recycling a huge part of living a eco-friendly  life. Cutting back on using water bottles, and recycling the ones we do use is an easy way to do our part in keeping our environment a bit "greener." A lot of people have started carrying reusable water bottles, which is a fantastic way to cut back on plastic production. Sometimes though, we get out the door without one, or we just don't have a place to put one! Vapur water bottles make it ridiculously easy to make sure you never leave the house without a water bottle. These water bottles are compact-able, and can go anywhere with you.

Vapur water bottles are freezer and dishwasher safe, and can literally fit about anywhere: in your pocket, in your purse, even on your key chain thanks to the carabiner they come on! You can visit their website to see all of their color selections and learn more about their product:

Thanks for checking out our Pick Of The Week! 

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